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Natalie Scarlett is a multi-award winning Social Entrepreneur that specialises in Agile Delivery Project Management and is the Founder of Tech Rootz. A non-coding tech developmental initiative designed to open up the tech world to the Black, Neurodivergent and Deaf community. Natalie's strength is in finding innovative solutions to social deprivation. Natalie formerly worked for the Citizens Advice Bureau as a Product Delivery Manager and  was hired by the Bank of England in 2022 to deliver Bank wide products and services.

She is a UN Womens Delegate and was chosen as one of Black Cultural Archives 40x40 future leaders.  Black Britain and Beyond which is based at UCL, completed extensive research to identify 40 Black British individuals, who are poised as the next generation of leaders of African and Caribbean descent that exemplify the mission and values of the BCA.

She is the winner of the Tech For Good category awarded by Women in Tech & winner of Birmingham Techs Diversity Champion of The Year Award.
Natalie has a Masters with Distinction in Political and Corporate Communication, specialising in race & class.
She formerly worked for The British Red Cross as a Project Manager, successfully creating and implementing their anti-racism strategy. Natalie established six pilot schemes in just six months using a methodology that she believes will change EDI outcomes forever.

Due to the impact that Natalies work made at The British Red Cross, within six months of the role, Natalie was also chosen as a Fellow at the International Federation Red Crescent's Solferino Academy. 


Natalie started out as a Youth Mentor in 2007, working for a Coventry-based youth and media company, Frontline AV. She received a formal award from Lord Mayor Ahmed and Coventry City Council in 2007 for leading a successful youth mentoring program in Warwickshire. 
She is also a fully qualified videographer, specialising in promotional trailers, events and short-style documentaries. In 2008 she was funded by Screen West Midlands to direct her first short film, which premiered at Warwick Arts Centre.

After graduating and leaving the arts in 2014, Natalie began working in the humanitarian sector.
She was featured in the Birmingham Mail for raising awareness around political voting in the 2016 election. 
In 2017 she completed a social action project in partnership with three faiths and Member of Parliament Layla Moran. Natalie was invited to the Foreign and Commonwealth Office by Lord Ahmad of Wimbledon to read article 6 of the European Convention on human rights.

With the Black community being more than 4x more likely to die from Covid-19, she founded The Black Heritage Support Service in 2020. BHSS is an advocacy service which supports the black community through crisis. 

Natalie has been featured in The Voice Newspaper, The Voice online, The Birmingham Mail, BBC WM, New style Radio and Solihull Radio.


Public Speaker

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Natalie is an avid story teller. She is neurodivergent and is passionate about sharing her experiences with people who have felt unseen, unheard and who have been uninspired. Natalie is available for speaking engagements, please contact us via the form below.

"Natalie's talk was so resonant for me. There was something in her style and mode of delivery that was really awesome, that went beyond words. Loved it. Thank you." -

Kyle Soo BCorp UK

"Natalie was eloquent, funny inspiring and awesome."

Luke Tonge Birmingham Design Festival 

Mentor & Coach

Natalie started her career as a mentor in 2007. Mentorship is important any stage of your career and can help establish you, your business or brand in a highly competitive market. Natalie is available for 1-1 coaching or mentoring for those at the early start-up phase or for those who feel stuck.
As a mentor, she will take a holistic approach to your development; whereas coaching is specific to your business goals.
Please contact using the form below.
Natalie offers concessionary rates for students, single parents or those on a low income.

For free advice, please subscribe to keep up-to-date with events via the BHSS newsletter or follow Natalie on linkedin. Please go to the website.

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Natalie believes there is too much emphasis on literature and discourse and that the failure of EDI strategies lies within a lack of delivery expertise. Natalie has studied racial injustice for 20 years. She attended a Pan-African school in 1997, which instilled a strong desire to break down racial barriers in the UK. Whilst studying for her Masters, Natalies major was Race & Class. Understanding the intersectional nuances of race and class, she believes that education, innovation, and remaining solution focused will be essential to liberating oppressed communities.

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BHSS was established as a fundamental support mechanism for the Black community, highlighting and looking for innovative solutions to systemic racial barriers that the Black community face. Including but not limited to, medical racism, inner city deprivation, poor quality health, environmental racism and career development. BHSS has launched Birminghams first Black health negligence support service and continues to assist the Black community with answers to social issues. Click below to learn more.

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Tech Rootz

Tech Rootz is a Developmental initiative designed to open up 'NON CODING' tech roles to the Black, Neurodivergent & Deaf communities. The programme consists of training, workshops and an annual event that allows attendees to explore roles such as product design, delivery delivery, ux/ui and much more, in an interactive way. Participants take part in simulations and participate in demos using advanced tech. Tech Rootz has collaborated with Google, Woojer, Immersive Experiences, Adidas, Warner Music & Citizens Advice.

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Former achievements


Natalie started her career in youth mentoring in 2006. She began using dance and drama as a way to encourage young people to express their internal feelings. She was awarded by Lord Ahmed of Coventry for her dedication to youth work. In 2015 Natalie started working as a youth manager, developing 15-26 year olds. She has partnered with the Foreign and Commonwealth Office, Parliament, University of Birmingham and the National Citizens Service. Natalie continues to use her skills in development to run programmes that educate the Black community in career progression.

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In 2008 while studying an undergraduate degree in Communication and Media, Natalie was funded by Screen West Midlands to to direct her first short film. The film was premiered at Warwick Arts Centre. Natalie went on to become a self-employed videographer specialising in documentaries and promo-videos.  Although Natalie no longer directs films, this part of her life was the beginning of inducing her love for creative directing. Natalie advises young people on how to get into the media industry and regularly films and edits shorts for her company.

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My Schooling

Ba Hons


Modules: Mass Media Communication, Global Marketing, Video Production, Branding and Advertising



Modules: Political and Corporate Communication, Race & Class, Political Science, Public Relations



Fellows is an innovative professional development program for emerging leaders of the Red Cross Red Crescent network, led by IFRC Solferino Academy. The fellowship aims to equip the participants with skills and resources to drive change and innovation in their National Societies, while also supporting the RCRC network as a whole to evolve as is envisioned in Strategy 2030



An apolitical, areligious UN award winning scheme that aims to unite people of all faiths to work alongside Mps on a social action project that will positively impact disadvantaged communities

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